Filip Gondolán - a fenomenal vocalist



What sparked your interest in jazz? Where did you study?

My mum sent me to school to study violin when I was 4 years old! But At home I had LP's of Oscar Peterson, Errol Gardner, Ray Brown etc. I liked these more than Mahler and Ševčík. At 23 I graduated from the Prague Conservatoire.

You are a versatile performer - what are the most important influences on your music?

I never stuck with one interpretation! I try to listen those who are best ones in all the major genres like jazz, Brazilian, Cuban and black music. A smart combination of all these styles is what I prefer. But it is hard to do that without black, Brazilian and Cuban musicians!

Why did you decide to be a singer, rather than to play any instrument?

I never liked practicing and that's why I decided to sing :-) You have to practice a lot when you want to play an instrument. I'm afraid I will continue to be a vocalist only.

Can you tell us about your main current project?

Just now I'm fighting with laziness.

Why do you like performing at Glen's?

The people are close to you and there's a sexy girl behind the bar...







U Malého Glena Awarded

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