Luboš Soukup


When did you first become interested in jazz? How did it happen?
When I was 11 years old, I heard a big band from my city playing the music of Benny Goodman. I was so fascinated by the mood and rhythm of jazz music
that I started playing saxophone. Then I got more recordings from my friend and some I borrowed from the city library. My first big experience was at the summer jazz workshop in Prague when I was 15.

Which musician or band is the biggest influence on Points?
That's a question I have often been asked and it is hard to say. I don't know any band which sounds like Points. There is no concrete direction; we do not copy any band. We just write some music and each member of the band brings his opinion to the band so that I think it sounds like original music.

What cd are you listening to most now, what do you like about it?

I listen to Ben Allison - Riding The Nuclear Tiger because I like the sound of the band, which has two saxes, trumpet and rhythm section. I like the compositions. And it's exceptional for me in that I don't skip any tracks! I like the CD from the beginning to the end. But you know, I listen to much more music - including old jazz recordings, contemporary jazz, classical music, rock, hip hop.

What recording project are you working on?
With my colleagues from Katowice Jazz Academy we are recording our
music written for a big band right now.







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