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"When Ondřej Štveráček picks up his tenor sax, people tend to stop what they´re doing and tune in. His standout bebop playing, heavily influenced and inspired by John Coltrane, has become something of a showstopper since he began playing informally at U Malého Glena in September, filling this cramped, midnight-blue jazz basement with cool, fluttering tones and a dexterity rare among players of just 24." PRAGUE POST (Dec 2001)



How long have you been playing on Prague jazz scene and who are among your biggest influences?

I have been playing in Prague since I was 22. I was inspired by the music of John Coltrane and my friend Uwe Plath, a saxophone player from Germany, takes credit for introducing me to music theory.

Where do play at the moment and who with?

I have gigs abroad 3 to 4 times a month in various countries such as the Neatherlands, Russia, Germany, JAR, Slovakia, Serbia, Itály, Poland... and the musicians I play with include Philip Harper, Eric Ineke, Dennis Rowland, Udo van Boven, Eric Doelman, Uwe Plath, Radovan Tariška, Matúš Jakabčic, Gary Kavanagh etc.

What projects are you planning in the future?

I'm going to record a CD in May 2010 with a quartet featuring Ondřej
Krajňák, Tomáš Baroš and Marian Ševčík.

Could you tell us how you feel about U Malého Glena jazz club?

In fact, U Malého Glena was the first jazz club in Prague where I got a chance to play and it was probably the very first real jazz gig I got. I love the atmosphere of this venue and the natural acoustics of the place!


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