Miriam Bayle


What started your interest in singing and who are the most inspiring singers for you?

I was singing when I was small, but when I was about age 16 I heard Ella Fitzgerald´s scat improvisations, which absolutely fascinated me! So I started to learn her solos by ear and later I was into Diana Krall a lot. But the most honest and deep singers for me are Shirley Horn and Jimmy Scott. Of course there are many other great singers who influenced me.

Why do you like to sing jazz exactly?

I love standards, they have beautiful melody and harmony, strong lyrics (mostly about love), I like freedom in phrasing, improvisation...I can sing the same song over hundred times and it will always be different!

You are also teaching jazz, why do you enjoy that?

I’m teaching ear training and vocal skills. I like to share my experiences, work with young people, give them the best I can - and I’m learning so much from them too.

What do you like about performing at UMG?

It´s a small club, the atmosphere can be very intimate and strong there, but some people don’t realise that they came for concert and not for a party :-)










U Malého Glena Awarded

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